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[school-discuss] looking for someone who has converted from MSFT

If you can help Wayne, please contact him (contact info below). ------------------------------- The owner of our small manufacturing business, Kooltronic, Inc., (www.kooltronic.com) is very-very interested in switching from Microsoft to an open source Linux.

She would like to speak with anyone who has successfully switched
from MS to Linux, especially if they are also a manufacturer.
She is interested in the negative side as well as the positive side.
I have found many success stories online, but she wants to "talk" to
an actual person.

We have a few servers (File, E-mail, SQL, Application, etc.) and
100 PCs. We are primarily Windows XP with Office 2003. We do
have a 3D solid modeling system which would have to stay Windows
or move to Unix until the Linux version is released in Q4 2006.
85% of our servers and clients are basic "Microsoft Office" PCs.
The machine tools which are Windows-based will remain so since
the proprietary software they run cannot be converted to Linux.

Our owner, Anne Freedman, is looking for reassurance that we should
continue with research on how to implement the switch, and in the
process answer the question "should we implement the switch?".
Specifically she wants to hear about the drawbacks, advantages and
challenges of moving away from Microsoft.

Please help me find someone who willing to spend a few minutes
on the phone via a conference call sharing their experience?

Thank you for your consideration!

Wayne Ross
Network Manager
Kooltronic, Inc.
(800) 321-5665