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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Social software, FLOSS & organisational transformatio n

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michael dean wrote:
> Teachers changing the way they teach in order for e-learning to
> succeed?  Wow!  I would like to ask for advice: I teach 8th grade Art.
> My personal bias is to structure classes and homework oriented around
> the students actually doing art.  I want them to paint, draw sketches
> every day, get their hands dirty with charcoal and clay and oil paint.
> How must I re-structure my teaching such that e-learning modules related
> to Art will succeed?  Is this possible? Would e-art be a good thing or a
> bad thing?   Do we really want just a digital world?
> Michael
Hi Michael,

I'm not an art teacher, but I'd have thought your pupils would cope with
digital media alongside the more traditional ones, as just another tool
which they can use to express themselves creatively.

Some of the e-portfolio tech, or indeed gool ol' flikr (not that it's
floss, but still), could allow them to show their work to the wider
world, be it trad or modern medium stuff. Collaborative possibilities
are worth exploring too...

I know it's rather derivative, but have a glance at the stuff my Year
6's produced after a visit to the Bridget Riley retropsective:
(sorry for the long URL!)

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Miles Berry
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St Ives School Haslemere
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