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[school-discuss] Audio Webcast Interview This Week: Larry Cuban, author of "Oversold and Underused"

This Thursday evening (September 7), I'll be interviewing Larry Cuban,
emeritus professor of education at Stanford, and author of "Oversold
and Underused: Computers in the Classroom."  The interview will start
at 5:00 pm PDT, will be be one hour long, and will be webcast live
with a question and answer session at the end.

Links to the webcast and the concurrent chatroom are available at
http://edtechlive.wikispaces.com/Upcoming+Interviews.  You can also
see details on upcoming interviews on Open Office (Solveig Haugland &
Ben Horst), Open Source Software in Education (Eric S. Raymond & Doc
Searls), and Open Source licensing (Ruth Lutes & Ragavan Srinivasan
from HP).

Recordings of the interview (.mp3 and .ogg) with Prof. Cuban will be
available the next day.  Recent interviews recordings are available at
http://edtechlive.wikispaces.com/Recordings+List.  Included are:

* Victoria Davis and Adam Frey on "Wikis--What Are They, and Why Use
Them in Education?"
* Michelle Moore on "Moodle: An Open Source Learning Management System"
* Mike Huffman and Laura Taylor on "Indiana's ACCESS Program:
Affordable Classroom Computers for Every Secondary Student"
* Daniel Howard and William Fragakis on Atlanta Public Schools' Linux
Thin Client Project
* Jim McQuillan and Eric Harrison on LTSP, K12LTSP, and Linux Thin
Client for Schools
* Dr. David Thornburg on "Free and Open Source Software in Education"

Happy listening!


Steve Hargadon
916-899-1400 direct

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