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[school-discuss] Student Management System

Hi There,

I have a need for a system that:

1. Keeps a list of students

   - can group them by hierarchies
     - eg: A student of learning centre X in country Y

2. Keeps records of students grades

   - record keeping may need to comply with various Government standards

3. Allows remote access via web-browser

   - web browser can display graphics but that's all I can assume

4. Allows student access to the system

   - to check / challenge gradings
   - to download student resources
   - to download course policies

I have a suspicion that Sakai or Moodle would do these and I have tried them both out, a little.

1. Sakai seems quite 'heavy' although I suspect that integrating it with
   an outside directory service (eg. an LDAP based service) might get me
   what I need

2. Moodle seems quite 'light' compared to Sakai but I found its user
   interface awful (to be honest)

One thing I may need to do is bolt one or more proprietary modules onto the system. I can probably edge the license towards a BSD Revised / X11 style license but I don't think I'd get approval for a GPL style license.

Am I looking at the right tools?