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[school-discuss] Fwd: Linux LiveCD Distribution (original contact)

If the last email I sent out didn't make sense..this was the initial contact from Chris.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Chris Yates
Date: Sep 12, 2007 2:46 PM
Subject: Linux LiveCD Distribution
To: info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I have been working on a Linux LiveCD Distribution
specifically for Schoolforge.

It is built on the latest stable Linux Kernel, and
includes the latest stable versions of the software
listed on schoolforge.net.

There are two versions, a LiveCD @ 680MB and a LiveDVD
@ 1.3GB.

The LiveCD includes a base suite of general use
software, with around 160MB available for additional
files such as tests and homework pages.

The LiveDVD includes as much FOSS packages as I could
find, with up to 2GB of additional space available for
additional files or media.

LiveUSB thumbdrives can be produced as requested, and
both the LiveCD and the LiveDVD include tools to
produce any LiveMEDIA on demand.

This live distribution can be installed, modified,
added to, and then captured back to LiveDVD. This
allows for teachers to produce custom live media
containing all of the software and files that their
students need. They can then duplicate the LiveDVD and
give them to their students. This way, all of the
students have the correct files and software no matter
what computer they are using.

This also makes large scale deployment very easy, only
need to set up one computer exactly the way you want
it, then create a live system image from that

Boot and install all other computers with this image,
and viola, you have a homogenus network, all with
identical files, software and settings.

My goal is to build a library of curricula produced by
educators and end users. The software is currently
free, but the educational material is not widely
available for free.

An open and free library of schoolbooks should be
built by and available to our users.

The LiveCD is ready. If you are interested in this,
please respond.

Thank You,
Chris Yates