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[school-discuss] Re: Linux LiveCD Distribution


Thanks for the information.  What I'm going to do is forward this to the discuss list, there is a large community of educators and programmers there that would probably be interested in learning about and using something like this.  As far as I'm concerned, as long as all of the software included on the media is free software / GNU with a focus on education, I don't see that there would be a problem in adding some information about this at SchoolForge (in the portal sense)

Also, if you would like to join the discuss list, visit http://www.schoolforge.net/discuss-list



Chris Yates wrote..

You do not have to get into maintaining anything to do with a live distribuiton as part of your efforts.

We (me and the ripper gang) will maintain the live-media distribution.

If you are interested in who is behind all of this, you should check out Mandriva's website, www.mandriva.com first.

After looking at Mandriva, go to pclinuxos.com and learn more about Texstar and The Ripper Gang.

Then, go look at the MCN Live project.

After that, check out macgurus.com.

Then, check out this http://www.presstelegram.com/news/ci_6922618

We have picked up hundreds of Microsoft employees since Vista was released.

Mandriva provides us with the source code, Tex refines the code into superior RPMs, The Ripper Gang works things out and fix bugs if they show up....

MCN Live provides us with a stripped down build of the latest release, and Indiana University hosts the package repositories.

We (me, the ripper gang + several other guys that work for Microsoft and Apple) build and maintain specialized  live media for  home and public school programs. It is called the Fieldmouse Project.

After a few years, we have decided to take the project into the public arena.

We have not hosted the project online, but it is ready now. This is where Schoolforge comes in. Either as a host or portal.

You are welcome to put me in touch with as many people as you wish. You are free to share my contact information with anyone at any time.

Between the Mandriva Club, The Gang at PCLINUXOS, the guys at MCN, the Mac Gurus, and all of the disgruntled Microsoft programmers, there are probably around 10,000 people available to work on this project at any one given point in time.

We look to Schoolforge as a portal/host site to be our point of puplic introduction.

Damien from Mac Gurus ( www.macgurus.com) has donated 14 server stations  and 1mbit of bandwidth to us. I will be there this weekend for the setup. Once it is working properly, I will give you a link so you can download a LiveDVD for your AMD64+Nvidia machine. We could also mirror your site if you would like.

As you know, we could do other things with our spare time, like work on games or other projects that pay money, but we choose to work on educational packages for free, because it coincides with our values and goals in life.



Justin wrote:

I'm on an AMD64 with nvidia.  I still have a lot of questions and there is a lot I don't understand about your project.  Is there a website where this live-media project is hosted? 

I really couldn't get into the sphere of maintaining a live-media distribution as part of my efforts at SchoolForge, but that shouldn't stop you from basing live-media off of the software listings at SchoolForge if that's something you want to do.  If it is something you would like to do, I should put you in touch with Richard Houston, he is the person that put together most of this list of software in the first place, and I know he distributes the cd's with installable executables for windows.  It seems like a live cd would be something that would enhance the users ability to try things out as well.

Who else/how many others are working with you on this? 


On 9/16/07, Chris Yates  wrote:
Let me know what CPU and GPU that you have.

I have a single universal build that will run and be configured on any hardware.

I also have pre-configured releases for the followiing:

PowerPC G3/G4 with ATI Rage and Nvidia Support

PowerPC G/5 with ATI Support

Intel Core CPU with Intel Integrated Graphics

Intel Plll/Pllll CPU with ATI and Nvidia

AMD AI 64 CPU with ATI Graphics

AMD AI 64 CPU with NVidia Graphics

Intel Quad Core Xeon (single and dual) with ATI or Intel Integrated Graphics, Mac or PC with Stereo 3D support for Nvidia stacks by Apple

We are currently working on several different notebooks from HP, Toshiba, Compaq, Sony, and Apple.

So, if you want, you can get the base system, and configure it yourself, or you can simply use one of our pre-configured builds that matches your hardware.

Server, Client, Thin Client, or Desktop. Generic PC or Macintosh. PowerPC or X86. Grapchics chips from Intel, ATI or NVidia.

We can currently support it all.

We are ready, are you?