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Re: [school-discuss] Linux LiveCD Distribution attn: Chris Gregan

Chris Topher,
Haha...I have been a contributing member of this list for nearly two years, providing help and answers to teachers and administrators interested in open source. Who are you?

I am also an open source business owner and thus my standard business signature appears on all email communications.

As for "your thread", this is a free country, free email list, dealing with free software. I will comment, and provide guidance on any thread I choose to. Please tone down the rhetoric or we will have you de-listed and blocked. This is a friendly list for intelligent discussion, if you cannot abide by those simple rules, feel free to leave. Thanks.

Chris Gregan
Open Source Migration Specialist/Founder
Aptenix Desktop Solutions
New Market, MD

"Open source, open minds."

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Quoting Chris Topher <gromto@xxxxxxxxx>:

Dear Chris Gregan,

Who are you and why are you posting links in this thread?

Nobody asked you for your input, and last I checked,
you haven't done anything for this project.

I don't think anybody needs your phone number either.

Do not spam my thread again. You have been warned.

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