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Re: [school-discuss] part-time sysad

Good morning David,
I probably have the resources to manage this effort. I am the desktop arm of my organization, but let me talk to my server guys to see if they can take on another contract. In the mean time, could you send some details on number of servers, what they are used for, and versioning?


Chris Gregan
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Aptenix Desktop Solutions
New Market, MD

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Quoting "David M. Bucknell" <dbucknell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Dear colleagues,

Apology: This is off-topic except that I am work with floss for schools.

I need a reliable, part-time sysad for our Debian servers.  Work
on-line only.  About 1 or 2 hours a day except when making big changes.
Probably a 10 hour week usually.  Lots of installations and tweakings.
We run lots of apps, all floss, of course.  If you're interested,
please tell me.

Thank you.

David Bucknell


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