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Re: [school-discuss] Linux LiveCD Distribution

Hello Chris,

Do you folks have a website?  References?  This sounds like a strange
way to offer a Linux liveCD.  Are your packages cryptographically
signed?  What guarantees are there that the software is secure and not
carrying trojans or back doors?


- cameron

Chris Topher wrote:
> Cameron,
> Yes, after you send the info then we can get you a
> copy. It is GPL/GNU. The source is easy available
> online, to save space it will not be included. If you
> cannot locate the source easily, a quick note to us
> will get you what you want. 
> There is really no need for the hardware info. It's
> just a request for our own purposes. We are computer
> programmers with mental problems. We like to document
> things and amass data, and produce unusually focused
> results. 
> Hardware analysys is for our entertainment only. In
> fact, HardDrake will take care of your configuration.
> Chris
>> Some questions,
>> I presume after sending in the information you ask
>> for one would get the
>> mentioned liveCD image including the full source
>> code, it is GPL
>> software right?
>> Why the need for a hardware profile?  Could you not
>> use some of the
>> hardware detection from an existing liveCD from
>> Knoppix or Ubuntu to
>> take care of that?
>> Thanks,
>> - cameron