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CLOSING THREAD Re: [school-discuss] Linux LiveCD Distribution

Gentlemen and friends,

This thread is closed. Please keep this off-list.

Anyone interested may discuss this off-line, between yourselves (those
interested in Chris' topic should consider emailing him directly,

Roasting each other at the community's expense does NOT fall under the
general categories of this list.

This is the Schoolforge.Net Discussion List.

We are dedicated fostering the use of GNU/Linux and Free Software
technologies in the Education Arena.

We try to support those who support learning, knowledge, wisdom, and
sharing, and making it easier to share with others.

Thank you for being a positive member of our community, and please keep
things civil on-list.


SchoolForge.Edu Liason

GCIA GCFA, Forensic Analyst
Debian GNU/Linux Systems+Security Administrator