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Re: [school-discuss] Teaching programming on Linux

2008/9/1 Peter Ruwoldt <ruwoldtp@xxxxxxxxx>
Scratch is very very good.
Love it.
Problem is that at this stage will not run on Linux.
good (and sad) point. perhaps with the right pressure that could be changed. I know Mitch Resnick (not that I would count myself his closest mate, but enough to get a conversation started). If there was a group of schools saying "we want scratch, but we want it on Linux" he might listen.
When choosing a language it is important to consider how students will be able to make progress outside of school with out being encumbered with expenses.  The cool thing about _javascript_ is that you only require a text editor and a browser. 
very true. but so do Java, Python and many others.
Another factor is relevance.  Web related stuff has application in an environment that students are very familiar with.
Here I disagree.  Learning programming is not about learning a language, its more about learning to choose the right language for the task and mastering it to the level you need. Whatever specific language you teach would probably be outdated by the time the kids reach the market.