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Re: [school-discuss] What would you do with a blank slate?

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Hello Yishay,

> Its very hard to say what should be on your machine without knowing
>  more about the context - age, geography, educational goals,
> institutional settings, connectivity, etc.

All very true. The systems will start out being very general purpose
but have some significant customizations based on purchaser

> * think of learning / teaching as knowledge work. what tools do
> knowledge workers need? a browser, an office suite, some tools for
> graphical organisation of ideas and concepts, creative tools (e.g.
> image processing, sketching, video editing)

For "graphical organization of ideas and concepts", what did you mean?
Flowcharting (Dia)? Mind mapping (Freemind)? Or something else?

> * people teach people, so give the people who teach the freedom and
>  the support to choose their tools. make them the designers of the
> learning experience.

Of course. But in many of our environments, people will not be aware
of what is available and still turning to us for guidance. That's part
of the reason I am here -- to expand our awareness of what is "out there".

- - Evan

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