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Re: [school-discuss] What would you do with a blank slate?

For "graphical organization of ideas and concepts", what did you mean?
Flowcharting (Dia)? Mind mapping (Freemind)? Or something else?

both, but also inkscape and such. I use it a lot to sketch out my ideas.
Of course. But in many of our environments, people will not be aware
of what is available and still turning to us for guidance. That's part
of the reason I am here -- to expand our awareness of what is "out there".

which is why I would but the emphasis on a good community and support mechanism, rather than on initial configuration.
imagine this scenario:

I'm a teacher teaching mathematics to working young adults. I join a forum of teachers like me. A friend on the forum tells us how she used python programming to teach calculus. I can follow her story, including visual outputs of student work. If I like it, I can download the activity plan to my machine, remix it and then at a click of a button install the neccesary software on my students' machines.

Its not science fiction, it really is no harder to do than existing software distribution chains. Its just a frame of mind.
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