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SEUL: Announcing the SEUL/sci Project

The SEUL/sci project (http://www.seul.org/sci/) is a group of people
interested in using Linux for scientific and engineering applications.
SEUL/sci provides an organization where people with common interests
can meet, exchange ideas and collaborate. SEUL/sci is a place to share
advice, experiences and knowledge with other scientific users. Developers
of open source scientific applications will find SEUL/sci to be a useful
resource for project hosting, publicity, peer review of code, more users
and exposure to more developers. Users will find useful software and
timely information on the state of Linux in science.

As our group is comprised of people from many parts of the world, we run
our project over a mailing list, and we invite others sharing our
interests to join. To subscribe to seul-sci, just send a message to
majordomo@seul.org with no subject and with "subscribe seul-sci" in the
message body. The archives of the seul-sci mailing list, as well as
current plans and contacts for the project, can be found at

SEUL/sci is currently four projects at the moment, and we invite you to
download and try any of them. Feedback to seul-sci is welcome and sought.

  Chemsuite - A suite for chemical drawing and modelling (Ricardo
    Stefani) http://chemsuite.seul.org - Chemsuite is actually a suite
    of several programs in development. One of which, MolCalc, can be
    used to calculate molecular weights; a second program, Chem2D, is a
    molecular drawing program currently in development.

  gBib - a BibTeX bibliography database manager (Alejandro Sierra)
    http://gbib.seul.org - BibTeX is good for references, but sometimes
    getting the information in the proper format is a challenge.
    Alejandro's gBib program allows one to browse and edit BibTeX
    databases, and ensures that all requried fields are filled out.
    Binary TGZ: ftp://modelos1.atmosfcu.unam.mx/pub/gbib-0.0.5.bin.tgz
    Source TGZ: ftp://modelos1.atmosfcu.unam.mx/pub/gbib-0.0.5d.tgz

  SNAC - SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator (Matias Muchinick)
     http://snac.seul.org (was previously known as AlGnomegebraic) - SNAC
     is a desktop calculator that supports simple numeric algebraic
     calculations. It is designed to be easy to use, and to privide the
     user with a more friendly tool than those aritmetic desktop
     calculators. (matias@seul.org)
     i386 RPM: http://snac.seul.org/snac-0.2-1.i386.rpm
     SRPM:     http://snac.seul.org/snac-0.2-1.src.rpm
     TGZ:      http://snac.seul.org/snac-0.2.tar.gz

  R-Taskhelps - An illustrative documentation project for R (Pete St.
    Onge) http://www.seul.org/sci/r.html - the R Software System
    (http://www.r-project.org) is a very powerful and flexible GPL stats
    program; v.1.0.0 was recently released, but I've been using it since
    0.65.0. Documentation for it exists, but may be dense for many users
    not in a direct statistical field. The first of the R-taskhelps
    documents focuses on analyses useful for workers in ecological and
    environmental science. (pete@seul.org)

We've also contacted Herng-Jeng Jou, the leader of the Scientific
Applications on Linux site (http://sal.kachinatech.com/), and he's
graciously allowed us to link to specific entries on the SAL site. As our
projects develop, we will submit them to SAL (and other sources of
relevance to scientific / engineering users) to ensure that these
projects have the greatest possible visibility.

We hope your thoughts and advice will enrich our discussion and help us
make Linux a better tool for improving our understanding and knowledge of 
the world around us. If you know of anyone else who might be interested
in this discussion, please pass on this invitation.

--Pete St. Onge, pete@seul.org

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