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'proclog' alpha available

My computer has been generating enough logs lately that I decided to whip up
a little filtering program in perl to deal with it. I realized once I was done
that it was expandable enough that SEUL could make good use of it.

A clip from the readme follows:

Basically, proclog is a log filter. It takes in various system log files,
and it processes each line in the log. It sorts them by daemon, does regexp
matching on the remainder of the line based on regexps the proclog library
provides, and then runs an arbitrary perl function associated with each
matched regexp. These arbitrary perl functions output text that is compiled
in a flexible fashion into a "report". Due to the flexibility of the system,
this report could easily be in a format suitable for reading directly into
a database, web browser, the SEUL xhelp 'security' wizard, or any similar

SEUL can use proclog to turn the system logs into something understandable
by a beginner, sorted by relevance, and this beginner can then read those
descriptions from netscape, xhelp, whatever.

This is an alpha version. It's rough. You have been warned. It's available
at ftp://ftp.seul.org/pub/proclog.tar.gz (it helps a lot if you're passably
familiar with perl).
Please take a look at it and give me some feedback (it comes with a readme
that I just scrawled up, so you're not completely lost).

(Any discussion of proclog on the SEUL lists should take place on
seul-dev-admin, *not* seul-project.)

--Roger (arma@seul.org)