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We're not going to be able to use figurine.  I just spent, oh, must've
been five or six hours trying to get it to run.  No matter what I link
into it's moronic _tkinter.so, I STILL get unresolved symbols when it
loads the lib.  I can't rebuild python with PyTix installed, because I get
the same errors.  I do a search on /usr/lib.  And it shows me that, yes,
in fact I do have them in /usr/lib/libtix.so.  Inspite of -ltix on the gcc
command line, it STILL gives the errors.  The directory I've stored the
upgrades under is now more than 24Megs in size.  I hereby, and forthwith,
GIVE UP on figurine.  I will NEVER get it to run on this RH4.2 box.  TTYL!

                        Paul Anderson
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