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Re: The Kernel

Nick Mathewson wrote:
> In order to deal with a power-off issue, we should make our start-up
> fsck procedure explain in no uncertain terms, why it is unhappy with
> the user for leaving a dirty FS lying around.  

Excellant point.  Got to nip, tuning off the computer without shuuting
down, in the butt right off the bat.  I know people that do it in
Windows 95 because they don't understand "why" they have to do that. 
Then they wonder why their files are corrupted to the point of needing a
complete re-install.

> As for the syslogs, (though this as a seul-dev-admin issue) I disagree that
> the end-user should have no contact with the syslogs.  We should process
> them as much as possible, certainly, to keep the user from having to grovel
> over meaningless messages, but I still think we should inform them of
> significant happenings, such as failed logins, urgent kernel errors, attempted
> SYN-floods, suspicious mail-spoofing, and so forth.
> I'm going to post a request for research to seul-dev-admin tonight, asking
> for people to hunt down useful admin frontends.  In this area, I'm rather
> leaning towards a marriage of Roger's proclog filter and the Gtk log-viewer
> (written by Cesar Miquel) which (IIRC) Gnome is supporting.  (See
> http://www.df.uba.ar/~hprel/miquel/logview.html)

Another good point.