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RFR: Administration tools

REQUEST FOR RESEARCH: Administration tools

It would be extremely helpful if someone well-versed in the ways of
websearch could spare a few hours for a research project.

Specifically, it would help if the dev-admin group had a list, at some
central location, of existing tools and projects which try to present
a decent frontend to Linux/Unix system administration.

Categories of applications include: (off the top of my head)

* General configuration 
        (Manipulating .rc files, dotfiles, and so on.)
* Log-examination
        (Viewing key logs, with information sorted by relevance,
         date, daemon, or informative content.)
* Package manipulation
        (Installing, examining, and manipulating packages of
         various formats.)
* Account manipulation
        (Creating and manipulating user accounts, setting up quotas
         and maildrops, &tc.)
* Hardware configuration
        (Adding new printers, scanners, mice, and so forth.)
* Any other category I've missed; please feel free to add.

I've got a few ideas for some of these areas, but I'd like to see what
others recommend before plunging ahead.  Even if a project or tool
seems basically flawed to you, please include it if you think it has
any concepts to offer us -- or if you think its flaws form a
constructive example.

Please send replies to me, personally, so this list doesn't get too
clogged.  I'll colate your responses, post them in a couple of days,
and try to get it onto the webpage as well.

Many thanks,

\\ Nick Mathewson  // "Of *course* we'll send the penguin through the 
// <nickm@mit.edu> \\     flaming hoop tonight!"   - FZ