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Re: SEUL: Target user for SEUL

On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> There is sudo.  You can configure it to allow certain users to execute
> certain commands as root.  It is configurable.
I dunno, I think you should just drill into the user that they can't screw
their computer up if they aren't root(many newbies would find that VERY
comforting, the BIGGEST fear any newbie has is of screwing the system).
With an auto-suing daemon, you could end up with this happening:

(Newbie Thinks: Hmm, the /vmlinuz is real big, and that /dev dir has a LOT
of files in it, I should clear them out to free some disk space...(THIS
HAPPENED ONCE!  This fellow posted to a list I'm on asking which drivers
he REALLY needed, so that he could nuke the unused ones from /dev))

newbie:/% rm /vmlinuz
sudemon: WARNING!  The preceeding command requires root privileges, please 
sudemon: hold while I su to root and execute the command for you...
newbie:/% su root
# rm /vmlinuz
# exit
sudemon: Have a nice day!


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