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Re: SEUL: Target user for SEUL

Paul Anderson wrote:
> I dunno, I think you should just drill into the user that they can't screw
> their computer up if they aren't root(many newbies would find that VERY
> comforting, the BIGGEST fear any newbie has is of screwing the system).
> With an auto-suing daemon, you could end up with this happening:

Assablutely.  Not to mention a newbie used to an 8dot3 format. I once
knew a newbie that did this in / and typed rm */* instead of *.* as in
DOS.  He was root at the time, because he knew no better, and evidently
the recursive option was in the environment because it did exactly what
he told it to, removed */* from the / directory.  All because the "/" is
right next to the "."/  Oops, see what I mean?

That newbie was non other than me 3 years ago.  I was running Slackware
1.2 or 1.3 at the time.  My first distro, what a mistake, but it was a
free CDROM in the back of a book on Linux.