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Re: Package Management

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Greg Bell wrote:

> RPM may, note I said may, be arguably the best of a bad lot (Which it seems
> to me happens to a lot of *NIX software) but why settle.  If we are going to
> do it, do it right.
Ugh...  You didn't understand a word I said, did you?  There's already
plenty software available for RPM, RPM is stable, RPM has a book written
about it...  Primarily, RPM IS STABLE!  There aren't any ferocious bugs to
contend with, it works and it works NOW.  Package managers AREN'T
something that just snap into existence, they take time, a LOT of time, to
develop.  If we developed a new package manager we'd be doing no one a
favour, and ourselves a disservice.  TTYL!

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