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Re: Package Management

>Ugh...  You didn't understand a word I said, did you?  There's already
>plenty software available for RPM, RPM is stable, RPM has a book written
>about it...  Primarily, RPM IS STABLE!  There aren't any ferocious bugs to
>contend with, it works and it works NOW.  Package managers AREN'T
>something that just snap into existence, they take time, a LOT of time, to
>develop.  If we developed a new package manager we'd be doing no one a
>favour, and ourselves a disservice.  TTYL!
 The attached program manager took me about an hour to create.
 Please note that the attached was ( and still is) a trial -working (i.e. I
still working on it) copy and is probably not a complete package management

This would be a part of a complete system that would start from the initial
and go all the way through to a complete program manager.

The system I had envisioned consisted of at least two modules.
One was the package creator/installer which would take any type of package
archive (REDHAT, Debian. Slackware, tarball) and install it on a linux

The manager would be called from the installer and create the necessary
files for
program management.

I was side tracked before completion of the entire script so if those that
are in power deem it worthy then use it as you will