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Educational software--[Fwd: Re: visual Tcl and educators]

I sent a note to Stewart Allen, who wrote Visual Tcl, and he replied. 
Both are below.

Stewart Allen wrote:
> Doug,
> Visual Tcl *could* be ideal for this role given the simple nature of the
> tcl language. There are a couple of reasons why I would be reticent to
> suggest it in it's current state: 1) it's still beta software and will be
> for some time. 2) there is little to no documentation. While it has proven
> very intuitive to use, it lacks polish. This is a project that I started in
> my spare time and that's something I have very little of at the moment.
> It's a totally open project. It's covered by the GNU public license so code
> contributed back by the developer community will remain in the public domain.
> I will work with you any way I can if it's something you wish to pursue.
> -stewart
> At 01:35 PM 4/3/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >I'm doing some (freelance) research for the applications group on the
> >SEUL Project.  I'm looking for programs for educators or educational
> >programs for kids that will run on Linux.  As far as I can tell there
> >aren't currently any educational programs for Linux, so I've
> >concentrated my efforts on finding an application development tool that
> >will allow educators to generate their own programs fairly easily.  What
> >I'm thinking of is something in the way of HyperCard (most educators are
> >familiar with Macs).  I've come across your Visual Tcl, and would like
> >to know if you think it would be suitable for this kind of use; i.e.,
> >is  it something that an occasional user who isn't a dedicated
> >programmer would be capable of using.  If not, do you know of anything
> >else that runs on Linux that might fill that role?  Thanks for your
> >assistance.

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