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FreeQt concerns

I was just thinking some more about the FreeQt project, and it *might*
not be so hot of an idea...

Consider...Troll fairly generously gives free software users rights to
use their toolkit for free.  We (the free software community) don't seem
to appreciate it and make our own version under the GPL or LGPL.

What's a commercial vendor going to use, then?  Qt or FreeQt?  If FreeQt
is just as good, the choice is pretty obvious....  What's that going to
do to TrollTech?  What's it going to do to other companies considering
releasing software or libraries for Linux?

At the very least, if this thing goes through, I think it should be
under straight GPL - *not* LGPL.  This would give some protection to
Troll, since proprietary development wouldn't be possible, but would
still appease the KDE critics.

Is this an overblown concern?  What do you think????

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