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Re: FreeQt concerns

Micah Yoder wrote:
> I was just thinking some more about the FreeQt project, and it *might*
> not be so hot of an idea...
> Consider...Troll fairly generously gives free software users rights to
> use their toolkit for free.  We (the free software community) don't seem
> to appreciate it and make our own version under the GPL or LGPL.
"Don't bite the hand that feeds you"  - Old British proverb. 
> What's a commercial vendor going to use, then?  Qt or FreeQt?  If FreeQt
> is just as good, the choice is pretty obvious....  What's that going to
> do to TrollTech?  What's it going to do to other companies considering
> releasing software or libraries for Linux?
A valid threat.  If this were to hapen then Troll Tech wold die.  More
importantly they wold die BECAUSE they made QT free for GPL developers
in Linux.  This realy wold scare of a lot of people.
> At the very least, if this thing goes through, I think it should be
> under straight GPL - *not* LGPL.  This would give some protection to
> Troll, since proprietary development wouldn't be possible, but would
> still appease the KDE critics.
A simple solution that has been copied to the appropriate newsgroups.
I.e.  freeqt@modeemi.cs.tut.fi & kde-licensing@lists.netcentral.net
It just looks too easy :(
There is not necessarily a problem with this but I for 1 would try
to look out for Troll Tech's bottom line since this needs not 
affect Linux in any way.
> Is this an overblown concern?  What do you think????
A good thing is that KDE is GPLd so while it can be distributed
on Win32.  This however would require some cash outlay up front
( ~$1,500 US ) with no guarantee of anything back since the usual
rules don't apply.  This means that
1 : It will remain a "Linux exclusive" and hence a reason to get
  Linux anyway.
2 : If a company that uses Linux found KDE a generally beneficial 
  GUI They may standardize on KDE for all PCs and replace part of
  "Explorer" ( The Win32 shell ) with KDE.  Since this is EXTREMELY
  unlikely ( They would more likely replace the even more troublesome
  underlying system ) #1 remains true, for Linux and our pals at 
  FreeBSD / NetBSD.
3 : A commercial unix vendor dissuades to use KDE rather than CDE and 
  thus toss another Monkey wrench into the software market.
  Unlikely since they all really like the market structure that keeps
  margins fat.
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