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Re: [freeqt] Re: FreeQt concerns

> A simple solution that has been copied to the appropriate newsgroups.
> I.e.  freeqt@modeemi.cs.tut.fi & kde-licensing@lists.netcentral.net
> It just looks too easy :(
> There is not necessarily a problem with this but I for 1 would try
> to look out for Troll Tech's bottom line since this needs not 
> affect Linux in any way.

  We could promise never to port Harmony to Windows. Most of Troll's
profits are from their /cross-platform/ work; their apps will work
on both Windows and X. We could best ensure this by putting more
X-specific stuff in Harmony. And in any case I don't like the idea
of KDE apps working on Windows; better to have them working only
on Linux to induce more people to go for dual-boot boxes ;)

> 2 : If a company that uses Linux found KDE a generally beneficial 
>   GUI They may standardize on KDE for all PCs and replace part of
>   "Explorer" ( The Win32 shell ) with KDE.  Since this is EXTREMELY

  Not possible, at the moment, as far as I'm aware. Replacing that shell
ain't easy ;)