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Re: stock market tracker

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> This looks like something you should be looking into, Micah. It
> doesn't do everything we want, but it's certainly a good start for
> the graphics side: (entry from Thursday's freshmeat)

Thanks.  I haven't gotten too much farther on it yet.  I'm kind of
waiting because I'm doing a couple other things that I *think* will have
pretty similar code to this stock program, so I'll just write them in

One is a small business accounting package.  (Does anyone know if such a
thing already exists on Linux?)  Anyway, it's not just any small
business accounting package, but a bunch of Perl scripts that will serve
as one, using command line commands to make debits/credits and produce
reports.  Basically just something I want for myself.

Also I'm doing some work with PostgreSQL, and I'm wondering what people
think of a Postgres back end to this?  It *is* included in RH5, so most
people shouldn't find that a problem, and it would make record keeping


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