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Re: stock market tracker

Roger Dingledine wrote:

> http://www.ntlug.org/~cbbrowne/finances02.html shows a huge number of

There's some good stuff there, but I didn't see exactly what I'm looking
for, at least not under the GPL.  I want a general ledger &
asset/liability account manager engine that can be driven by anything
from Web pages to command lines to cron jobs.....

> Yes, a database is a good plan if you're working with accounting stuff.
> The general view towards postgresql is that it works, but it's got a lot
> of overhead if you're just using it for a small application.

Benefits of PostgreSQL:

1.  It's included in RH5 - therefore our "end users" won't have to mess
with installing it.  A couple setup things still need to be done, but
it's as easy as setting the postgres user password, adding a DB user for
yourself, and creating a database.

2.  I know it because I'm working with it now.  :-)  I'd kinda prefer to
avoid having to switch between DB systems.

3.  Being the more powerful system, it will grow better as our needs

I don't think the speed will be a big concern here.  This app will just
have one or two queries once in a while.

Linux: Everything else is just a toy!