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Mailers and freeness

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> Is Netscape (which is now free, at least as binaries) free enough? I suspect
> not, but has anyone checked? I seem to remember reading somewhere about the
> source being made available.

Netscape is free distrib right now (4.x), but the source will be freely 
redistributable in the 5.x series.  I don't know exactly what terms it'll 
be under, but Bruce has had some contact with them I think, so I'm Cc:'ing 
him on this.

As for pine, I haven't looked at the license, but since it's in non-free 
under Debian, I'm assuming someone else has and it's been deemed 'not free 
enough'.  That doesn't mean we can't include it, that just means we can't 
include it in the basic distribution.  We'll do like Debian (and RedHat, 
for that matter) and have a non-free directory that distributors (CD 
burners, etc.) can include, but they have to check with the licensors first.

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