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Re: looking for a good src editor

James Bagley wrote:
> I am looking for a good text editor for C programing that does syntax
> coloring and runs from a terminal.
Boy, are you in luck.  Linux has an almost embarrassingly large number
of text editors available.  As a starting place, take a look at Bill
Latura's site:


Here's the text of that section:

Text Editors

            Andys Binary Folding Editor-structured binary file browser
with limited editing 
            Andys Source Code Folding Editor-a language configurable
folding source code editor 
            Arpus/CE-feature rich full screen editor and terminal
emulation package for X  
            CRiSP-a very Brief-like text editor 
            Edith Professional-powerful and user-friendly desktop text
editing system from ZFC 
            Elvis-an enhanced clone of vi/ex, the standard Unix editor 
            fe (Folding Editor)-small, light on resources outline editor 
            FTE-a programmers text editor with color synatx highlighting 
            gEdit-an X text editor which uses the GTK+ widget library.  
            JED Programmer's Editor-freely available text editor for
            KEdit-a simple text editor for the KDE project  
            MEdit-text editor compiled with MGUI for Linux X11. 
            NEdit-a GUI style plain-text editor for X/Motif systems 
            Red-easy to use GUI text editor 
            SEDIT-a Linux port of the SEDIT editor 
            Simple editor for X (SeX)-a basic X text editor 
            SlickEdit-configurable programmers editor from MicroEdge 
            TCL TextEdit-text editor for X, written entirely in Tk/Tcl. 
            Ted-a Wordpad-like text editor running under Motif on
Unix/Linux systems 
            THE-a full-screen character mode text editor based on XEDIT 
            vche-Virtual Console Hex editor which lets you see all 256
            VIM-the vi "improved" text editor 
            Wily-editor which provides much of the feel of Acme in the
Unix/X environment 
            Xcoral-an advanced text editor for X-window 
            XEmacs-Extended Emacs. It's not an editor, it's a lifestyle 
            Xenon-a simple, small and fast X-based text editor 
            Xwb-tool for editing source files of any programming
language or text processor  

That's only a start.  If you look at other sites, like
<http://www.linuxapps.com/> or <http://freshmeat.net/> you'll
undoubtedly find references to even more.

This list is currently pretty much moribund.  Most of the app
development within SEUL is going on on specific projects.  If you're
interested in any of those, Roger can help you find them.  You can take
a look at:




to see what they are and what they've been discussing.

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