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Re: looking for a good src editor

James Bagley wrote:
> hey,
> I recently joined this list looking for help on finding good linux
> applications.
> In the attempt to move to a Mirco$oft free environment I have run into
> one, nearly solved, problem.  A lack of available applications that run
> under linux.  I have learned that most all linux apps can be downloaded
> for free.  The only problem that still remains then, is finding the
> usefull applications (if they exist).
> I am looking for a good text editor for C programing that does syntax
> coloring and runs from a terminal.
> --Jimmy

In which case you need a method rather than an application :)
I think EMacs dose that ( It's the catchall Text Editor ).  There is
also fte which runs both command line and X.  The X version dose 
syntax highlighting, the Terminal version ... maybe.

Finally if you want to work in X the choices are endless.  There is
the rising star kwrite ( part of KDE-1.1 ) which uses Windows stile
keybindings and is quite a simple laied back editor with all the 
basic fonctions.  You can select highlight mode ( C, C++, HTML etc... )