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Re: [Fwd: SEUL - Educational game idea]

In message <35AC2424.142538CB@cyberis.net>, lyoder@cyberis.net writes:
>Also I'm not sure how much this really relates to SEUL.  It would be
>cool, but not general purpose, as it would be for school installations.

It relates to seul, insofar as it would produce more incentive for that
segment of the end-user population to move to Linux. School installations
are an excellent place to start for getting linux users -- notice how the
mac has been maintaining its foothold because it's still in schools, so
people learn it.

>Nevertheless, I like the idea and it would be a cinch to program.

Yes, it sounds like it would be a worthwhile task. Would you be willing
to start the project and make an alpha version? Somebody has to actually
take charge of it and do it, or it will never get done. Do you have the
time for this, Micah?