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Re: Writing something.......

>>>EW == Erik Walthinsen <omega@omegacs.net> wrote at Tue, 5 May 1998 16:34:09 -0400 (DST):
>> IF anyone wants to help me with the HyperCard/Visual Tcl
>> nascent project, just let me know.
>For smaller apps, as well as things that end-users can write, this is a
>perfect project.  I haven't seen Visual Tcl myself yet, but I'd say this
>would be a perfect project for a few people to get started on.  I don't
>know how flexible the original author is, but I'd like to see any changes
>we have go into the main branch, if appropriate.  Heck, we could even host
>the project... ;)  (we're already hosting the FreeHDL and gEDA projects)

Stewart Allen, the original author of Visual Tcl, has agreed to open his CVS repository to us
 if we agree to contribute whatever we come up with back into the main body.  (I think I
forwarded this message to this mailing list a week or so ago.)  I told him that that was what
 I always had in mind.  As to hosting the project, that'd be up to Stewart, wouldn't it?  So
how do we want to proceed?  I suggest that anyone interested in helping install a copy of
Visual Tcl to see just how it works.  And if you have access to a Mac that has HyperCard on
it, you might want to take a look at that, as that's the "market niche" I think we need to
aim for.

I'm working my way through "Graphical Applications with Tcl & Tk," by Eric Foster-Johnson,
from M&T Books.  It looks as though it will be pretty useful.  If anyone has any suggestions
as to other references that might help, let's hear them!

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