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Re: Writing something.......

Micah Yoder wrote:

> Doug Loss wrote:
> I don't even know what HyperCard *is*... :-)  I've heard a lot of people
> like it though.  Could something be made to actually run *real*
> HyperCard programs...i.e. no look alike, but actually run the same
> executable as the Mac?
> I'm sure anything of the sort would be good though.

That would help port existing stuff (if available), but wouldn't get us to the
creation of new material by teachers, which I think is key to getting Linux into

> > quickly.  I'm not looking for a clone of HyperCard; more a "works similar
> > to."
> OK...even that would require some re-learning, but oh well.

We don't want Linux to look to them like a Mac in PC clothes; if what we have can
do the things HyperCard does roughly as easily as HC, but can also do more things,
requiring a little relearning would be justified I think.

> > to try to gain some familiarity with Tcl/Tk, as it looks like a pretty easy
> Shoot, I just learned Perl/Tk.  Will we be shipping that with SEUL?  (I
> don't see any reason not to...)  Does anyone else know Perl/Tk?  I guess
> the Tcl people and Perl people could group together and work on
> different projects.  Or I could learn Tcl if *really* necessary, but
> I've been learning too many languages recently.  (And my job is starting
> to inflict RPG on me, which isn't helping matters much........  one word

I'll have to look into it, but I don't think Tcl precludes calling tools written
in other languages.  If I'm right, then anything written in Perl/Tk should be
callable from Tcl/Tk (I don't have my Tcl/Tk book here at work).  So let's not see
this as an either/or proposition.  I think both languages should be considered for
what they can do best.

RPG?  Luckily for me, when I looked at it (years ago) I wasn't being forced to
learn it.  I just started laughing uproariously, then managed to stutter, "That's
not a computer language."  Pissed off the RPG "programmer" who was showing it to
me, you bet!

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