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Re: Yet Another Proposal: a "docking station" for educational apps

Micah Yoder wrote:

> software.  At the core, it would be a launchpad for educational
> programs, but it would do more than that.
> It would implement a system of keeping track of which level in each
> program all the users were at.  It would also let a parent or teacher
> set a goal, and when the student reaches that goal he/she would get a
> reward, like the games folder being unlocked.
> Programs that use the functionality of this base would have to be
> specifically coded for it, of course, but it would be easy.

This sounds like a very good idea for the school community.  I'm not sure
how well it would work for the home user, though, as it would require an
educational administrator to set goals and to review progress.  I doubt that
that's going to fly with the parents who just want educational
"edutainment" programs for their kids.  Having said that, "simple, end-user
Linux" doesn't specify that the end-user _has_ to be a home user, does it?
I think this would work quite nicely on a server with the database directory
mounted on each machine in a school computer lab.

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