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Anyone here?

My Linux box is back up and I've been playing with some things lately.

First, the KDE window manager.  It's not really an app, but includes a
few apps with it, including some cool games and utilities.  The graphics
are sweet.  The desktop blows the Doze desktop out of the water!

Second, the StarOffice package.  This, too, isn't free software, but it
is free for noncommercial use.  We probably can't include it on a CD,
but my first impressions are somewhat positive.  The only really bad
thing is that the spreadsheet crashed with a 'floating point error' when
I clicked the button for a certian kind of pie chart.  Perhaps we could
set up some sort of 'Wizard' to download and install StarOffice, noting
that you'll have to pay for it if you're a company.

It's not quite Office 97, and is a tad slow and clunky, but it has all
the features 90% of users will need.  I'm VERY impressed with the math
equation editor (smath3).  I've *never* seen complicated formulas come
out of a computer program looking so nice!

Please let me know if you're reviewing something or plan to do so in the
near future.  I'll hopefully try a couple more programs this
weekend...not sure which ones yet!

Windows: From the folks who brought you Barney!