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KDE Help system, first look

I have done a little looking into the KDE help system and
wrote up my initial impressions. I have not done to detailed
looking at it yet, but do have the following comments.

I have added a few personal comments, but not many. I will
add more as I learn more.


KDE Help System
  1. Program
     The KDE help program is easy to use. It works (and looks) like
     a web browser. Both man and info pages are represented like
     html and are easy to navigate through.
     It appears the program allows access to web URLs as well as
     local documents. Search is implemented by an html page with
     a cgi program.
  2. Format
     I have not looked at the format in depth, but it seems to be
     at the very least a subset of html. Along with http links,
     there is also a provision for man: and info:
     I am not sure whether it is possible to execute local programs,
     though cgi is supported.
  3. Content
     The help system contains help for all (?) KDE functions, but
     it is in long documents. For example, file management document
     is several pages long. They are not stepwise instructions but a
     description of the tools and how to use them.
     The documents are not written specifically from the view of
     our audience, but more for a UNIX user.
     Following are the topics covered by the desktop help section:
     1. Introduction
     2. Let there be some windows -- how to launch an application
     3. Folder Windows - managing your files
     4. The power of an integrated desktop
     5. Configuring your desktop
     6. Logging out and Session Management
     7. KDE an exciting Journey
     There is also application help.