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Re: KDE Help system, first look

Two Ducks wrote:
> I have done a little looking into the KDE help system and
> wrote up my initial impressions. I have not done to detailed
> looking at it yet, but do have the following comments.
I have done a lot of reading of KDE help ( I am testing it to death
after all :) and have found it get this NICER THAN WINDOWS HELP.
Yes some things could be put in a more step by step manner, but alas
that is a mater of writing talent rather than format or programing.
My dearest wish is for SEUL and GNOME to endorse all things KDE that
do not directly depend on QT.  I.e. Keyboard shortcuts, Clipboard
and yes.  Help format.  After all there are only so many ways to 
write a really good foo.  so in cases where the KDE foo and the GTK foo
look and act alike we could have them share help files, and thus save a 
lot of effort while improving the quality of both versions of the 
Snipped all the really nice things Ken said because you all read it 
already :)>
"Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."