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Re: KDE Help system, first look

On Wed, 01 Apr 1998, Kevin Forge wrote:
>I have done a lot of reading of KDE help ( I am testing it to death
>after all :) and have found it get this NICER THAN WINDOWS HELP.
>Yes some things could be put in a more step by step manner, but alas
>that is a mater of writing talent rather than format or programing.

Yep. I think that this is a point where SEUL can contribute to KDE,
as well as GNOME and anything else, is providing this content.
That content is, after all, geared towards the end user.

Perhaps we should aim some effort at providing an initial cut at these
user docs. It may be worthwhile talking with KDE and Gnome (and
others) on this topic so that we (and they) do not reproduce existing
effort. Any thoughts?