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Re: Help topics / task help

On 05-Apr-98 David Cary wrote:
> I just now put a really quick-and-dirty page online at
>   http://www.ionet.net/~caryd_osu/david/task_help.html
> With web pages, as with other open-source software, we can be far
> more
> productive if we allow people who can do a better job to do it, and
> if I
> focus on the things I can do better than anyone else. 

Web pages are what I do best, and I'll be doing seul-dev-help's page,
but I won't be able to do much until after the 22nd. I'm going out of
town, and I'll have net access... sort-of:  line mode on a dumb
terminal (a Brother word processor with term emulation, of
all things, at my mother's house). 

I'm trying to hack an old perl line mode browser into
something resembling useability. Until and if I do that, I'll be without
web access, since Lynx won't run in line mode, I don't have the disk
space on the remote machine to compile the w3c line mode browser, and
I'm not set up to cross-compile for a Sparc running SunOS 4.1.3. 
The closest I can come to web access until I get the perl browser
functional is to telnet to port 80 and GET.

(Ooooh, two weeks of Berkeley Mail... yum ;) )

(It could be worse. After spending a day mucking on the Sun box trying
to get a browser up, last night I had a nightmare that Microsoft bought
Sun and closed the company down...)

Laura A. Tisoncik       "muskie" on IRC
muskie@grrltalk.net     webmaster@grrltalk.net