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Re: Help topics / task help

> Rather than me putting up perfectly edited web pages and then whining at
> y'all about how I don't have time to do proper web pages *and* schoolwork
> *and* work-work *and* deal with the flood of information coming in from
> mailing lists, I've reached an epiphany:
> I don't have to make polished, perfect web pages; I can just throw the raw
> content online ASAP and worry about polishing them later.
> I can beg and plead on my web page
> for people to help me fix my pages / challenge them to create better pages.

I'll take a look at it. 

BTW, from the point of view of some-one who wants to use your work, it's
easier that the pages are kept fairly minimal in terms of markup. 

Personally, I find it helpful when I get a page with <H1> , ... , <H6>
tags included (since I can use scripts to do the mnarkup) but anything too
fancy makes life harder rather than easier. Excessive use of  FONT tags
makes life difficult. 

The bottom line is that if you want others to use your work, the minimal
approach is actually very smart.

-- Donovan