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Re: Help topics / task help

On Sun, 05 Apr 1998, David Cary wrote:
>I just now put a really quick-and-dirty page online at
>  http://www.ionet.net/~caryd_osu/david/task_help.html
>SSuggestions for improvement ?

Unfortunately I have not been able to access this page yet. Are the
permissions set correctly?

>Rather than me putting up perfectly edited web pages and then whining at
>y'all about how I don't have time to do proper web pages *and* schoolwork
>*and* work-work *and* deal with the flood of information coming in from
>mailing lists, I've reached an epiphany:
>I don't have to make polished, perfect web pages; I can just throw the raw
>content online ASAP and worry about polishing them later.
>I can beg and plead on my web page

I'll stop my whining about work around now (Blush) :)

>"employment" link on the home page. I think it is even more important with
>"open source" projects like
>  http://www.globalserve.net/~twoducks/seul-dev-help/
>to give people the information they need to help. For example, if a random

True enough.

Just a note: At the moment I am looking at some other stuff and trying to
get my focus off of xhelp. If SEUL decides that current help programs do not
do what we want then perhaps xhelp is the solution. Meanwhile I am working
on it a bit but not focussing on it (though I DO use it, so it will still be
worked on to suit my needs). If it is decided that the existing help systems
are enough (eg. KDE's or gnome's help systems) then there is no need for
much focus (by SEUL) on xhelp at all.