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Re: Help topics / task help

On Sun, 05 Apr 1998, David Cary wrote:
>I just now put a really quick-and-dirty page online at
>  http://www.ionet.net/~caryd_osu/david/task_help.html

Now I have not had a chance to see the list David put up, but I have
toyed around with some (very) basic task files. The files are written
for KDE (since that is what I have as a desktop currently (checking
out the help system)).

Do these files match with the view people had on what task files should
be? Are they too simple or small? Any comments?

I was aiming for simplicity and something that was easy to look at and

The URL is 

Note that the first page is NOT one of the help files, but just an easy way to
get to them.

I gave the files the following sections

1. Title - short and to the point
2. Description - a more detailed (one line) description of the action
3. A set of steps to perform the action
4. An optional caution (depending on the task)

Another useful section may be

5. Related tasks