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Re: Thoughts.

Two Ducks wrote:
> Several people have expressed the idea that the focus of SEUL
> help be all systems (or possibly all) instead of targetting only
> that which SEUL eventually settles on. i.e. not only gnome
> (if that is what is chosen) but also other desktop managers.
> If this is what we are going to do, there are several things that
> should therefore be discussed (maybe?):
> 1. Help file format

HTML is the only viable choice for default format.  ALL SEUL help
documents should be written in HTML.

> 2. Help types (HOWTOs, MAN, task-help...)

All of the above.  However SEUL is more about filing in the gaps
and integrating what has already been done so task-help is where
we should concentrate.  
BTW : The trick to task help is to make general assumptions at the 
beginning then work within those assumptions.  I have found it simpler 
for users to adjust say instructions designed for Slackware on iNTEL
to RedHat on alpha.  than to fit generalized instructions into what
they have.

> 3. Help file layout (for similar look and feel though written by many).

Can't help there.

> 4. Help system structure (where do we put the help files?)

Why there ?  Well I don't think it's such a good idea to stick 
something else in the /usr directory ( That's kinda like all the 
little DOS programs that need to be in root ).
so why not under /usr/info or /usr/doc ?  Well both of those produce 
listings that go off the screen when you type ls

> 5. Communication with other groups.

Absolutely essential.  And we must do it without getting into any 
more holy wars.

> 6. What needs writing

see #2

> Anything else? Any comments? 

Well KDE BETA 4 is coming soon.  On RedHat 5 / x86 It's fairly
Through the the Firewall, out the ruter, down the T1, bounced from
satellite.  ... Nothing but net.