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Several people have expressed the idea that the focus of SEUL
help be all systems (or possibly all) instead of targetting only
that which SEUL eventually settles on. i.e. not only gnome
(if that is what is chosen) but also other desktop managers.

If this is what we are going to do, there are several things that
should therefore be discussed (maybe?):

1. Help file format
2. Help types (HOWTOs, MAN, task-help...)
3. Help file layout (for similar look and feel though written by many).
4. Help system structure (where do we put the help files?)
5. Communication with other groups.
6. What needs writing

Anything else? Any comments? I have some ideas which I will
post about, but I have until this point been focussed on other
things which may or may not ever be used (xhelp :) ) so
haven't spent too much time on these topics.