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Re: Thoughts.

Two Ducks wrote:
> Several people have expressed the idea that the focus of SEUL
> help be all systems (or possibly all) instead of targetting only
> that which SEUL eventually settles on. i.e. not only gnome
> (if that is what is chosen) but also other desktop managers.
> If this is what we are going to do, there are several things that
> should therefore be discussed (maybe?):
> 1. Help file format
> 2. Help types (HOWTOs, MAN, task-help...)
> 3. Help file layout (for similar look and feel though written by many).
> 4. Help system structure (where do we put the help files?)
> 5. Communication with other groups.
> 6. What needs writing
> Anything else? Any comments? I have some ideas which I will
> post about, but I have until this point been focussed on other
> things which may or may not ever be used (xhelp :) ) so
> haven't spent too much time on these topics.
> Ken
==> If you stick to HTML/SGML for task/emergency help, you
could use lynx ( or an extension thereof)
    in a pinch,
    say if you're installing and don't have X-windows yet,
or X gets broke!
==> Someone mentioned the tar man page: I think they (GNU
folks) have somewhat abandoned man pages;
    the real deal is the info pages, which are 
    quite accessible if you use tkinfo. There are even some
tutorials in info. AND an 
    attempt at task help: they group the find command and
the locate command under a
    "Finding Files" heading and try to point to aspects of
find based on needs.