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Re: Alternate applications

> Problem is, what if we have a task-help that says the following (please
> forgive the KDE references but that's what I am using currently)
> ------------
> Reading email

The problem is that your heading is incorrect (or incomplete) 
 It should read something like 

task help -> KDE -> reading email

Or "reading email with KDE"

It's important that you don't propose you're instructions as a be
all and end all of how to do a task. For example, there are lots
of ways to read mail, there's no "one way" to do it. The instructions
need to be placed in the appropriate context to make sense.

SPeaking about mailers, the best ones I reviewed were TkRat and 

-- Donovan


Donovan Rebbechi, Lord of the Elves, 
Dept of Mathematics, Rutgers University Newark

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