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Re: Alternate applications

Two Ducks wrote:
> Problem is, what if we have a task-help that says the following (please
> forgive the KDE references but that's what I am using currently)
No offense to anyone on the list but from the point of view of the
end users I know.  KDE is the closest thing to what we are trying to
achieve.  Electric borders drive them crazy for a while of course but
they can be disabled in a menu.
> ------------
> Reading email
Nahh.  Better to keep giving him the KDe solution for reading email
then give him the Netscape solution for "reading email with netscape".
Remember we still have to assume the user makes at least partially
decisions.  Meaning if she downloads Netscape she wants to use it for
some stuff.  If Mail is one of those things then the Netscape help we 
install will say how.  but it won't interfere with the other mail 
instructions for KMail, Gmail or whatever.

> >Linking it into the search system is the critical next step that no
> >existing OS provides.  Talk about competitive edge ?
> >
> >Why not just include help for other apps in a help distribution ?
> >2 reasons.
> >1 : Help needs to change when the apps do.
> Which would seem to indicate that the help file above should allow for
> different mail programs.
> >2 : The system must be completely open ended, so you can invent a
> >whole new app category, like KDE Drancing ( A program to produce music
> >by watching you dance )
> Ken

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