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Re: sdoc

[snipped: stuff about sdoc]

Yeah, it looks pretty good. sdoc itself is designed to produce 
consistent html, so maybe that is a good way to do it. Just 
give anyone who's interested some sample task help files. 
Learning by example is easy. I learned to write spec files for 
rpms by reading them ...

BTW, about all the docs I've written on editors (and a lot of 
other things more recently, check out the site...), my role in
independence doesn't leave me with that much spare time for other things.
EVerything on the site is done by me unless it has some-one elses name on
it. You can anything written by me on your site , I can also give
you 'raw', pre-parsed documents (very little markup, much like the
original editors page) on request.
But I can't really port the docs myself (writing one website is hard
enough !) 

The application reviews we have done are all on 
http://www.dunadan.com/~donovan/independence (sorry, server's down
right now ) the reviews are under the members section. 
For serious information , you're better off reading the members,
section where the reviews are more candid.

We've mostly looked at network related things, graphics, and file 
managers. MOst of our choice applications should be free enough
for you. 

-- Donovan


Donovan Rebbechi, Lord of the Elves, 
Dept of Mathematics, Rutgers University Newark

Visit my webpage: http://pegasus.rutgers.edu/~elflord