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KDE task-help

So you know.

I have been fooling around with task-help ideas. In doing so
I have started to create some task-help for KDE (mostly cause
my wife is learning to use KDE and these will hopefully help
her.) I have been starting to write some of the ones listed in
the documents at



(Is there a file manager?)
  Creating a folder
  Finding a file
  Moving a file
  Copying a file
  Deleting a file
  Undeleting a file
  Running a program


(Customizing the desktop)
  Making shortcuts (symbolic links)
  Changing desktop colours
  Changing fonts
  Changing desktop size
  Adding virtual desktop
  (Adding shortcut to desktop)
  (Adding application to toolbar)

I will be running them by my (non-user) wife soon to test for usability.
I will let you know on the success of this attempt.

I am aiming for both ease of use and a nice look and feel.